How to Sell More Real Estate With This Little-Known Framework

Women Rocking Real Estate Podcast

09-05-2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Before you can learn how to sell more real estate, you have to first earn the right to sell.

You're not ready to sell, until you deeply understand your clients, connect with them and know their real problems.

Only then can you begin to solve their problems, influence their decisions and ultimately sell to them.

In this podcast episode, I have author Christine Miles on the show and she is going to walk us through the simple framework for learning how to listen to what is said, but more importantly what is not said. To see what is not only on the surface, but lies beneath.

Here’s what you’ll learn

☑️ Why learning how to listen properly matters and what it’s costing you to not update your skills

☑️ The critical difference between active listening and story gathering

☑️ How to use the Listening Path framework to understand, connect, influence, solve and sell

☑️ The six most powerful questions you can ask to uncover your client’s hidden problems

☑️ How to earn the right to solve your clients problems and ultimately sell to them

☑️ How you can use Story Selling as a tool in your sales toolkit

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