Verified: The Next Threat takes the listener on a journey from Russia, to Europe to the United States - to reveal how extremists are learning from each other and recruiting every day for their global fight for white power. We speak to the people at the center of this story - the global extremists, their collaborators in the United States, the government officials trying to counter these movements and people who have decided not to wait for officials to fight back. Built on exclusive reporting and interviews, this immersive, deeply-reported six episode podcast series unpacks this growing global network of groups and individuals who are recruiting and promoting a new transnational crusade for white power. Unlike terrorists and white supremacists of the past, this global movement and its followers are continually shifting, lack formal structure and rationalize collaborations with other enemies of the U.S. So where is all this hate coming from? Why is it bubbling up now and what does it mean? These are the questions we set out to answer in Verified: The Next Threat. Copyright is 2022 Scripps Media Inc

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Introducing Verified: The Next Threat
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