The Reheat

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Celebrity gossip is fun, but it can also be educational. The Reheat takes the biggest pop culture stories of yester-year and re-examines them through the lens of today. With wit, research, and tons of intersectional feminist critiques, hosts Sadaf Ahsan and Sarah Sahagian will blow your mind with their analysis of all the vintage celebrity scandals you remember, and some you don't. From revisiting Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's divorce to The House of Gucci Murders, and a restorative reading of The Kardashians, Sadaf and Sarah will challenge your pop culture worldview! Basically, The Reheat is what would happen if a Gender Studies Class and your favourite gossip blog had a baby...

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Introducing The Reheat
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Ellen DeGeneres: Barrier-breaker or workplace bully?Does the Marvel cinematic universe hate women?The long overdue reckoning of Tyra BanksHow Will Smith invented Will SmithRewind: How sex addiction destroyed Tiger WoodsThe life and loves of Padma LakshmiHow Kristen Stewart's brand survived a cheating scandalThe Magic keeps going: When Magic Johnson announced his HIV diagnosisThe women holding Marilyn Manson accountableWhat is Wendy Williams' legacy?When Eva Longoria left Tony ParkerAnnouncement for our listenersWhat will it take to cancel Mel Gibson?Why we are all to blame for the death of Amy WinehouseMartha Stewart: The woman America loves to hateThe unfairness of Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunctionIs it time to forgive Camilla Parker Bowles?White Christmas: Unpacking the Hallmark Channel’s problematic past and present (with Rachel Manson and MK Morris)From Lohan to Kardashian: The Mount Rushmore of overbearing celebrity parentsHow Scientology drove Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman apart