Two Questions To Have Clarity And Get Started As A Content Creator

Just Keep Learning

05-10-2023 • 10 mins

the fact that creation leads to success, and the fact that people want to create something never surprises me.

What does surprise me is how many people never take action.

I’m sure there are a ton of limiting beliefs and productivity challenges that makes people quite. We can discuss that stuff on other episodes, but for now I want to talk about the first thing that keeps us from starting.

When we first get into content creation we struggle with two questions:

  1. Clarity of the medium (how to create it?)
  2. Niche, or topic (what to create about?)

You might have an answer to one of these questions, or both, or neither.

And it can change. Especially when we are multi-passionate 🤯

But let's find some hints to get you started...

**For the full written version of the episode see the transcript.

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