Doc Peace On Spoken Word Poetry & Building A Creator Business

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11-09-2023 • 1 hr 11 mins

Incredibly powerful wisdom for all of us to be more "GOLD". A Genuine, Original, Loving, Dreamer on route to your big goals.

She capped the episode off showcasing some of her ability to create poetry by sharing a flow with us on the spot!

Doc Peace also shared the steps to success in building a creator business. And how she went from being a doctor and fulfilling her family's dreams about her career to becoming an award winning poet and entrepreneur.

One of the most incredible moments was when Doc shared her prescriptions for living a mentally healthy life. She shared a practice of adding a small object to a jar, like a jelly bean, or pebble to the jar every time that you show up in a time that it took courage.

The ability to see the physical objects grow in our courage piggy bank will continue to increase our confidence and build momentum.

Doc Peace shared her belief in spirituality and how the universe works through us. We need to trust our inner voice when it guides us toward a direction based on the passions that fuel us.

Create Your Own Story

Doc shared key strategies for succeeding in your side hustle even though you may be really busy with work that pays the bills.

She reminds us that we tell ourselves a story about our life. We create a character that will do things that we don’t even want to do.

Breaking free from this narrative and becoming the hero in our own movie was key for her. She used this approach to pivot from a corporate medical career as a doctor and to poetry and entrepreneurship.

Doc shares how it all started when a voice came to her and said “You don’t just need to wear gold, you need to be gold”.

That was the moment she created her acronym for "GOLD". A Genuine, Original, Loving, Dreamer. And she started to use this concept of gold in all of her creations from art to business.

Doc is a genius when it comes to understanding what it means to build a clear personal brand around a story.

She noted how we can be both person and business oriented. In her case Doc Peace, in my case Justin Nolan. But this goes hand in hand with a broad brand as well. In her case “gold” and in my case “Just Keep Learning.”

The Three Stages Of Success For Creators

Doc shared three overarching stages we go through as content creators.

At first, we have a feeling that we can’t make money in the world of art. We reinforce the belief in the starving artist.

All we can do in phase one is explore. We create, but most of our work is hidden. We need some other way to pay the bills. And we pretty much have to beg for collaborations, partnerships, someone to “put us on”.

In the second phase we probably still hold down a traditional job, but we start to get paid for the creative work we do. People actually book us and provide compensation for what we make.

In this second phase, even though we may be far from “making it” we can see some light and possibility.

Finally in the third phase we know how to craft offers and build revenue that is sustainable on the back of what we create.

In the episode, Doc Peace shared her own progression through these phases. She went from wanting to learn more about poetry, to a commitment to create in public daily. And how that transformed her entire world as a creative.

11 Things That Help Build Your Creator Business

1. Study the greats
2. Get the craft down. Accentuate your strengths, and improve your weaknesses. Write and perform as much as you can for the first year
3. Focus on networking and collaboration
4. Do outreach in order to start creating your own opportunities
5. Figure out who you serve, because you can’t serve everyone as a target audience. Everyone can join later, but in the early stages you have to dial in who you create for and speak directly to them
6. If you’re shy, it may help to take on an alter ego, digital guise, persona to create within
7. What makes you a genuine, original, loving, dreamer? Create for your higher self and step into that role.
8. Build an offer that connects your creativity to a money making offer for other businesses
9. Speak in clear terms when building your brand partnerships so that you are not confusing, vague, or cryptic. People should know what you do, and for who?
10. The more you create, get feedback, partner with people and continue to publish, the more momentum will build, keep going!
11. Create simple, memorable stories that communicate your values and interests when you are creating any content that you want to spread.

Memorable Quotes

“Opportunities don’t always come to you. But you can make them happen.”

“There were so many times that I was starstruck and had to snap myself out of it. But it helps when we realize that we are all people, and they had a start similar to me too where they were just figuring everything out. And they are gold, but so am I.”

“Once you can really own who you are, then you will have the confidence to connect with other people too.”

“Confidence comes through actually making enough attempts that you’ve figured something out for yourself.”

“What are the characteristics of the higher version of you? Write them down. Now show up as that.”

Guest Bio
Doc Peace is indeed a doctor by trade. And she is also an award-winning spoken word poet, business leader and podcast host featured in Forbes.

As an advocate for empowerment through education, Doc Peace supports businesses in leveraging technologies. Through her offers, she helps them leverage things like NFTs & AI to elevate their brand through strategic storytelling and innovative voiceovers.

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