Why Am I Doing SOLO Episodes?

Just Keep Learning Podcast

6d ago • 5 mins

There is a bit of a back story as to how we got here, but first, welcome to the first ever JKL Solo episode. I trust these will really help you own those big dreams!

This first episode will help you get over that annoying imposter syndrome feeling.

Creating solo episodes is something that I have been putting off creating for over a year now. In this episode I share 4 reasons why I was scared to put out SOLOs.

I share a couple of people who pushed me to be better and get over the fear of publishing on my own.

And we get into the reasons why solo episodes might just be valuable after all.

I also lay the foundation for the style of show, and the fact that I would LOVE for you to submit questions and topics on social media , or email. If you have feedback or an idea for the show, reach out here.


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