Daniel Peretz How To Be A Serial Entrepreneur and Lifelong Learner

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19-09-2021 • 57 mins

Our guest today stresses that life is simply better when we are working in areas connected to our passion. He destroys the idea that sales, or marketing are bad and helps us realize why it’s such an important part of seeing out our visions to help people.

Daniel Peretz, truly understands what it means to run multiple businesses. The idea of being an entrepreneur in a small way scares a lot of people off, but Daniel is an entrepreneur with many businesses.

Daniel opens up about how he got into entrepreneurship, the things he learned along the way and how anyone can do it with the right mindset. While it may not be for everyone, entrepreneurship could be for anyone. You just have to realize that you will fail and learn. You have to realize that there is no such thing as balance, rather compartmentalization that will really help you thrive.

He has an incredible resume when it comes to helping other businesses, or individuals in the creator economy achieve success. One of the most interesting things about Daniel is his ability to be open to the next idea as well. A true entrepreneur and lifelong learner.

With this attitude, you can be sure that Daniel’s brand will continue to grow and being a part of the journey is pretty awesome. Like all of our guests, he is an inspiring example of putting family first, continuing to pursue your passions, and making a lot of money in the process, but most importantly, being a good person along the way.

In episode 9 of The LEARNED Podcast, we talked about learning styles, online education, being in the military, balancing family life, and building businesses. Hope you enjoy it!

How To Be An Entrepreneur And Build Passive Income:

When you start a business, the key is to focus on the lifestyle you want and continually build toward that vision. Here are some steps to get started:

  • Goal one is to appreciate that you have to sacrifice a lot in the beginning.
  • The best way to start is to ask what lifestyle do you want in the end?
  • Then reverse engineer that process into small goals. What small goals would lead to eventually and actually generating passive income for you?
  • Avoid all the things that are distracting, shiny ideas and stay focused by building habits and systems that keep you healthy and on task.
  • Remember it takes time, but keep learning and keep going
  • Don’t worry about what you think will work. Focus on the people you serve, they will show you what will be successful. They are the key to success.
  • Make sure you stay positive in terms of cashflow, but decide with any given project whether the goal is to build revenue, or brand, or both.
  • There is no juggling. You have to compartmentalize so you can focus on fitness when you’re working out, focus on family when it’s family time and business when it’s business time.
  • Again, really focus on who your audience is and what solution they would like you to provide them. Do this with one product, or service at a time and then add more.
  • Sell first in a way that allows you to really test if something will be successful so you don’t waste time, or energy as you fail and learn quickly
  • When it’s time to grow your business, there are multiple ways, but I am a big fan of hiring micro influencers. To be honest many marketing strategies can work, you just need to test them out.

Memorable Quotes
“Say you’re selling a tie-dye shirt. Depending on your budget, I would look at nano, or micro-influencers, you know, anywhere between 5000 to 100,000 followers. In my opinion, it's cost-effective, and if you find the right one who has the right audience, then right away you're focused on your niche.”

“Look, you're not going to start this three, four months from now and start putting up one hundred videos in one day. You might as well start it now. Give yourself a platform and build over time.”

“There is no juggling. You have to compartmentalize. One for your sanity. And two, it's important that you give attention to your kids. Just like if I asked, would it be important for you to give attention to your business, you would say, hell, yeah, of course, it's important to me. Well, the same thing goes for kids. Same thing goes for your family. Give attention to them and put it in your calendar.”

Guest Bio

Daniel Peretz is the CEO at Click Connect Media, supporting businesses in growing media, brand, marketing and advertising. He has delivered millions of leads to local businesses through a business called Grow My GMB and built Tokfluence an influencer search database.

He is a speaker, business strategist, sales and marketing expert. As a family man, his goal is to build awesome businesses if his foundation of family, friends, and health is there first.

There’s always a new partnership, or creation in the works because Daniel is a lifelong learner and uses collaboration over competition. He is also really good at building systems and strategies to stay organized and be able to do many things.

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