From Humble Beginnings to World Class Engineer: How to Love the Journey with Mike Fraser, pt. 1

The Vocal Lab

16-01-2023 • 40 mins

Today, I’m joined by world class mix engineer, Mike Fraser. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Mike since I was literally in utero, so there’s a long, long history to draw upon.

Mike tells us his unique story of growing up in the industry, from starting out as a janitor at Little Mountain Sound, to living in the loading bay and assisting Bob Rock on sessions at night, right up through to his own career mixing ACDC, Aerosmith, Metallica, and others, and recording in castles, playing daily golf with the bands, and living/working in exotic locations like Ibiza.

We talk about the important relationships in Mike's career, the art form of learning to “hear” in the scope of music, and the importance of the skill of songwriting. Mike gives us insight into the specifics of the roles of producer, engineer, and artist, how each can come best prepared and work together to get the best creative end product, and how to utilize different studios for different purposes. We also talk about vocal management when working live, and the realities of vocal fatigue as part of the job.

You won’t want to miss this episode! It’s part one of my interview with Mike, and we’ll be back on Thursday with part two.

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