The Vocal Journey of a Career Creative, with Saffron Henderson (pt. 1)

The Vocal Lab

23-01-2023 • 53 mins

Today, I’m thrilled to welcome one of my dearest friends, Saffron Henderson. Saffron and I have worked together in a lot of different capacities for a lot of years, starting with singing on a SunRype jingle as kids, and recently having a party band together for a number of years called The Ticket.

Saf has had a varied career, depending on her creativity, and largely relying on her voice as her main creative tool. In addition to voice work - both singing and speaking - she has worked as a dancer, an actress, and a songwriter.

I’m so excited for you to come along on the journey with Saf and I as we talk about navigating the trials and tribulations of a publishing deal as a songwriter, coming into her own right as an artist while being the daughter of a successful musician (Bill Henderson, episodes 3 and 4), some great war stories from both the singing and acting worlds, and the early imprinting of misogyny and being a woman in the music industry.

In addition, Saf really breaks down the nuts and bolts of being a hired lead singer, background (BG) singer, singer/songwriter, and working in a cover band. We talk about the value of collaboration, and the important relationships Saf has valued in her career,

We’ll be back on Thursday with the second half of Saffron’s interview. In the meantime, I want you to know about her live Streamily Signing event with her Anime Time Machine crew, coming up January 29 at 11 am PST on Instagram.

TikTok @SaffronVoice

IG: @saffron.voice

IG @anime.time.machine

TikTok: @anime.time.machine

YouTube: animetimemachine

Streamily Signing: Sunday Jan 29






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