It's SEASON 2! Are we happy yet? As we're the common denominator in our lives, I suppose that means it's all up to us. Listen in to tizTALKS as she shares her lessons, perspectives, life experiences and other random talks; urging us to hurry up and shed the crap that holds us back and unleash our true super powers. Listen in to tizTALKS for your dose of "YOU CAN DO IT". Yeah, that's Tiz on the cover art in a 'poofy' dress and dancing.... ❤ 8YckgHOcuZY6bpsWGWjy
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I Will Remember YouMind Body & Spirit...It's a Package DealJump at the Chance...Silencing the Bully Named Bruno Inside of UsWhat Could I Possibly Be Angry About?That's It. I'm Going Back to the 70's.Money! Know It. Get It. Do Good With It.Give Up Your Beef with the WorldIf You Don't Ask, the Answer is Always NO.Are YOU a Priority in Your Life?The Power of Being HeardWe'll Take a Cup O' Kindness Yet....Happy New YearThe Compounding Brilliance of Baby StepsCrank up the Spirit! It's the Last Month of 2020!Who Doesn't Want a Fair Shake In Life?Oops, A Little Late. Blame My Need to Know.The Struggle is Real & Real Life LessonsCan We All Lighten Up A Little Please?Attention! Is There a Musical Medic in the House?Who's Happy?