DID 50 - Jamie Maudsley joins Alex and Mark for the 50th episode of DID


14-04-2022 • 53 mins

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Our guest, Jamie Maudsley joins Alex and Mark on the 50th episode of DID to talk about his long career as the track announcer at Delaware Speedway and to "announce" his exciting plans for 2022.

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🏁 50 episodes of Drive'er In Deep.

🏁 The Buffalo Sabres are for real and do they ever have the Toronto Maple Leafs number!

🏁 Recognizing our great guests in our first 50 episodes of Drive'er In Deep.

🏁 Delaware celebrates 70 years.

Jamie Maudsley

🏁 How Jamie became the announcer at Delaware.

🏁 What Jamie thinks of the new ownership structure adding APC to the mix under the leadership of Luke Ramsay.

🏁 Jamie is the voice of the United Racing Series.

🏁 Jamie's work as a journalist.

🏁 Taking advantage of the momentum in 2022 to grow motorsports for the years ahead.


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