DID 52 - Josh Stade is ready for a breakout 2022 in the APC Late Model Series


28-04-2022 • 52 mins

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Our guest, Josh Stade joins Alex and Mark to talk about Stade Motorsports, his 2022 season with the APC Late Model Series and his new sponsor Ridgeline Lubricants.

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🏁 Alex and Mark take their talents (or lack of) to Motorama this weekend.

🏁 The weather is getting good for disc golf!

🏁 Why does Mark owe Joel Robinson an apology?

🏁 Raptors fight back, Leafs get bombed by Tampa, Sabres are on a 4-game winning streak and Bo Bichette hit his first career grand slam against the Red Sox.

Josh Stade

🏁 Balancing work, racing and family.

🏁 Josh had a unique path to the APC Late Model Tour.

🏁 How Josh's Dad Duane influenced his racing career.

🏁 New partnership with Ridgeline Lubricants and why it works.

🏁 Josh's take on Media/Practice day at Delaware Speedway.

🏁 Why Josh focuses on wins over thinking about a championship.


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Twitter: https://twitter.com/PrimeTimeStade

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