S5 Ep4: Howard Donald: I've run out of space for any more cars!

Fuelling Around - Stars Talking Cars!

08-02-2023 • 43 mins

Jason and Dave's special guest this week is a man who used to be one fifth of Take That, before becoming a quarter and now a third! Aside from being one of the biggest popstars the UK has produced in the last 30 years, Howard Donald is also a dyed in the wool petrolhead! While working as a vehicle painter in his native Manchester in his younger days, Howard could never have imagined that one day he'd be in a situation where he'd acquired so much automotive exotica that he'd run out of space in his garage, but that's exactly what's happened, and he talks the boys through some of his highlights, and a few targets he's still got his eye on, if he can just find a few more square inches from somewhere!

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