S4 Ep10: Fuelling Around Live From Silverstone!

Fuelling Around - Stars Talking Cars!

02-11-2022 • 25 mins

Back in September, as this year's BTCC was drawing to a close, we decided to take our mobile podcast rig on the road and set ourselves up outside the Pit Stop Cafe at Silverstone on the Saturday after practice. We invited some all-star touring car guests in the form of Dan Rowbottom, Louise Goodman and Paul O'Neill, we had a live audience perched on picnic tables in the garden area in front of us, and a licensed bar to make sure that everyone was kept fully hydrated throughout the performance. Out of the hour or so that we recorded, more than half of it had to be chopped out as it wouldn't have been broadcastable in any territory, but this is what we were left with! Enjoy!

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