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The Recovery Machine Podcast is a show hosted by two former healthcare workers who have lived experience with drug addiction. Episodes feature discussions about the following: Mental health, addiction treatment options, tools for recovery, drug policy, socioeconomic factors of addiction, the language of addiction, beliefs and myths about drugs, the war on drugs, harm reduction, cognitive behavioral therapy, trauma and PTSD, workplace risks, human rights, safe supply, drug regulation, the toxic drug crisis, psychology, compulsive behavior, neuroscience, genetics and personality traits related to addiction, and drug addiction in healthcare workers. Guests are brought in to offer insight and expertise on a regular basis. read less
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Ted Perkins - Recovery Movie Meetups
Ted Perkins - Recovery Movie Meetups
Ted Perkins stops by to tell us about a new addiction treatment tool called Recovery Movie Meetups. To learn more or to start a group, visit the link below: Perkins is a former Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Studio executive, university lecturer, public speaker, Hollywood producer, virtual reality entrepreneur, and successful working film and TV series screenwriter. He volunteers his time as an addiction and recovery YouTube personality, sobriety mentor, and has helped thousands of people on their recovery journey through his blogs, videos, and weekly SMART Recovery meetings. He is the author of ADDICTED IN FILM: Movies We Love About the Habits We Hate (available on Amazon), creator of the Recovery Movie Meetups Program, and publisher of the Recovery Movie Meetups Workbook.  Perkins has lived and worked in over 50 countries and now resides in Los Angeles.#recoverymoviemeetup #recoverymoviemeetups #addictionrecoveryRECOVERY MACHINE PODCAST🔊 All Platforms:▶ YouTube Handle:✔ Website:📭 EMAIL Corey and Nathan at🙏 To support Recovery Machine on PATREON:  @rcvrymachineFACEBOOK: PODCASTS: PODCASTS: PODCASTS: