How Netflix Learned Cloud Security [ML B-Side]

Malicious Life

26-12-2022 • 20 mins

2011 was a pivotal year for Netflix: the now hugely successful company was then in the midst of a formidable transformation, changing from a mail-based DVD rental service to the modern streaming service that it is today. It was at this crucial point in the company’s history that Jason Chan, our guest in this episode, was hired by Netflix to lay the foundations for its cloud security protocols. Nate Nelson, our Sr. Producer, spoke with Jason about the decade he spent at the company, what he learned during his tenure there, and the ideas that took shape at that time, such as Chaos Engineering.Nate Nelson, our Sr. producer, spoke with Dr. Cohen about his early research into computer viruses, his work with the US army, the panicky response from the US government - and the parallels between computer viruses and mental viruses - i.e. memes.