YouMeWe Amplified Podcast - interviews with women leading social impact

Suzanne F. Stevens

YouMeWe amplified podcast features interviews with changemakers leading a social impact in our communities and beyond. In each episode, receive actionable conscious-contribution™ insights into what, why, and how to make a social impact to empower you, your organization, and your community. Learn from leaders who drive social impact and lead tomorrow’s legacy today.

Natasha Halliday, Therapist, Emerging Resilient Counselling and Psychotherapy interviewNatalie Lowe, Founder, The Sustainable Event Forum interviewLani Donaldson, Chief Visionary Officer, Engaged Educators Corp interviewDr. Natasha Williams, N.S Williams Psychology Professional Corporation interviewSara Dunkley, Founder, Beautiful World Canada Foundation, interviewJennifer Harper, Founder & CEO, Cheekbone Beauty Cosmetics Inc.Cynthia O’Neill, Founder, LeadHerAlliance and High Altitude Thinking Inc.Kathy Willis, Executive Director, Huronia Transition Homes and Operation Grow, CanadaKanchan Prinsloo, Founder & CEO, KaPri ConsultingJenny Sawanohk, Founder, Red Stone Snake Woman, CanadaChenny Xia, CEO & Co-founder, GotCare | YouMeWe AmplifiedAmy Tung, Founder, I AM LOVE PROJECT INC. | Wisdom Exchange TvMoney to meaningWhat if being better or different from competitors is not enough anymore?What is your compassion-connection?How to explore your purposeTake the lead in a social evolutionFive actions to make 2021 the best year everEmbrace your community responsibilityLive your most meaningful life in 2021