The Power of a Local Business

In The Garden

04-10-2022 • 4 mins

Keith Ramsey: [00:00:00] Hey, Keith Ramsey with the Garden Supply Company. I've been talking a lot lately about hiring and our team, the length of time our team has been there, what a difference a good team makes, and how to manage them.

I think it's the key part of a business. It's having the right people and people that enjoy people; owning a local business is a core in the community. You want people to. To look forward to coming out and seeing people they know, you see the same faces.

You get the same advice from people, and it's, so it's not all about selling somebody, something. It's about creating a space. Where people can come and enjoy themselves, where they can unwind, people [00:01:00] consistently say garden supplies, their happy place. And when you need to be perked up, going and standing around in a bunch of green and flowers is not bad.

It's a great environment. But when you show up there and people that you've known for 25 years. they're seeing the same people, so their friends are theirs.

They're their friend that knows how to garden, a friend with an answer. I feel like that's probably like one of the biggest successes we've had is having a really good team. When we're looking for new people, we're looking for people that have a great attitude, that wake up in the morning, excited about going and doing something.

And that have an extreme interest in gardening. They garden with their grandmother or they garden with their mother or their father. Stay-at-home moms, that, it's more interest than it is like strong knowledge. And [00:02:00] then, when you have somebody that's excited about the world, excited about waking up and going out and doing so.

They'll figure it out.
Then we train, we're constantly training people and teaching people, but I just feel like, every time I go into a business that is thriving and that and that you're excited to go to it's because of the team. Yeah. Just, it makes all kinds of difference.

, we've got lots of people that'll that it's a second job for 'em, they're they've, a lot of times I'll find people regular customers that I've known for, you know, back to the, how long have you known some of these people? I've known most of my customers I've been there 26 years.

So it's they're like friends, they're like family, you're excited to see 'em when they come in. But then there'll be people. They'll come in. They're talking about what's going on in their life. And we just got back with the grandkids. I retired two weeks ago. And I'm like, well, you're gonna get bored. So when you know, it's somebody, I already know, it's a friend, it's, and you know, what kind of gardener they are and how much knowledge they have. And so we'll, I'll talk, people like that into coming into the team.

And it's just, I feel like having people that like [00:03:00] people and that and that like plants it creates an environment that's welcoming and people are excited to, to come in and see their friends basically. I just thought that was worth mentioning. I think it is crucial.

Making an inviting, fun place in the community where you've got, you've got a friend in the gardening.