Seed Starting Masterclass

In The Garden

11-04-2023 • 8 mins

  • Keith and Shannon discuss starting seeds for various plants including flowers, trees, and vegetables.
  • Seed starting can be challenging; success comes from good direction and proper technique.
  • Start with an open flat, plant seeds in rows, and mark each variety.
  • Use vermiculite as a top layer for seeds to retain moisture and encourage growth.
  • Use LED or fluorescent lights to provide ample light for seedlings and prevent weak stems.
  • Transition seedlings to larger containers or the garden once they are a month old and have strong roots.
  • Harden off plants by introducing them to outdoor conditions gradually, including wind and temperature changes.
  • Some seeds, like beans, corn, peas, and leafy greens, can be directly sown in the garden.
  • Use humidity domes or bags to maintain moisture levels for seedlings.
  • Starting seeds is a fun and educational activity for kids, encouraging them to eat homegrown produce.
  • Potatoes are an easy and rewarding plant to grow, with many varieties available.
  • Use a seed starting mix and pre-moisten it before planting seeds to improve success.
  • Cool season veggies can be planted twice a year, while warm season veggies go in after April 15th.
  • Starting seeds early in containers can lead to earlier harvests for certain plants.
  • Encourage everyone to try growing their own veggies and involve kids in the process.