A Flamethrower on a Bike - The Origin of Garden Supply Company

In The Garden

28-03-2023 • 9 mins

  • Keith, from Garden Supply Company, shares his background and passion for gardening, inspired by his parents.
  • Despite his parents considering gardening a hobby, he pursued a career in horticulture.
  • As a teenager, Keith did odd jobs in the neighborhood, including cleaning out a chicken coop where he found a flamethrower.
  • He utilized the flamethrower to offer unique services like cleaning out areas under trees for his customers.
  • Keith had always been a horticulturalist at heart, even growing plants and rooting boxwood cuttings as a young child.
  • Garden Supply Company is now in its 27th year and started as a five-person landscape company, offering delivery, installation, and landscaping services.
  • The company's focus has always been on service, from small jobs to larger landscaping projects.
  • The opportunity to open a garden center arose when a previous one closed after six months, allowing Keith to step in and grow the business.
  • The company has grown steadily over the years, now employing around 75 people and offering various services.
  • The COVID-19 pandemic led to an explosion in business growth for Garden Supply Company, contrasting with other businesses that struggled during that time.
  • The company attracted many new customers and even employees who changed their careers during the pandemic.
  • Garden Supply Company values its customers and is grateful for their support throughout the years.
  • Keith's hands-on approach in the early days helped shape the company's success, with him personally assisting customers in every step of their experience.
  • The company fills a market void between DIY gardeners and large landscape companies, catering to different customer needs.
  • Today, Garden Supply Company is a well-oiled machine, consistently growing and adapting to the market's needs.