Houseplants & Replanting Tips

In The Garden

18-04-2023 • 13 mins

  • Shannon joined Garden Supply Company during COVID and takes care of houseplants and tropical plants.
  • The houseplant industry exploded during COVID; interest in rare plants has tapered off, but basics and standards remain popular.
  • Snake plants, also known as mother-in-law's tongue, are Shannon's favorite due to their hardiness and variety.
  • Ideal time to repot houseplants is at the beginning or end of the growing season, not during dormancy in winter.
  • Using a nursery pot inside a decorative pot has multiple benefits, including reduced weight and easier monitoring of the plant's health.
  • Customers need to learn about their plants' specific needs, as factors like humidity, sunlight, and proximity to air vents affect their growth.
  • When repotting, increase pot size by no more than two inches to ensure the roots can colonize the space and prevent stagnant water.
  • Overwatering is a common reason for houseplant failure; establish a consistent watering schedule and check moisture levels.
  • Use warm water and consider adding soap to help with water absorption and break surface tension.
  • For exterior plants, soapy water can help with dry spots in the lawn or soil under hedges.
  • Maintain consistent watering and monitor plant needs for healthier houseplants.
  • The podcast hosts recommend feeling plants and checking for moisture, not just watering on a schedule.
  • Repotting during the growing season is ideal to avoid disrupting growth.
  • Experiment with different soil types to accommodate various watering habits and preferences.