Services at the Garden Supply Company

In The Garden

04-04-2023 • 10 mins

  1. Keith and Shannon discuss Garden Supply Company's emphasis on customer service and a variety of services outside the garden center.
  2. They tier their services according to customers' specific needs, from landscape consultation to DIY advice.
  3. Garden Supply offers expert plant advice for DIY customers to help them select the best plants for their gardens.
  4. Professional landscape consultations are available to help customers make informed decisions about their property investments.
  5. The company offers a one, two tree program for customers who prefer on-site advice for specific areas of their property.
  6. Garden Supply's delivery fees are reasonable and include a flat fee for truckload deliveries or one or two trees.
  7. The company employs knowledgeable and experienced gardeners who care for the plants, ensuring customers receive healthy plants.
  8. Additional services include repotting, insect problem evaluation, bee and pollinator classes, and bonsai consultations.
  9. Customers can bring in pictures and measurements to get advice from experienced gardeners, especially during slower times to avoid waiting.
  10. Garden Supply's gardeners have diverse backgrounds, including small business owners and avid gardeners with extensive knowledge and experience.