Easy and Bulletproof Houseplants

In The Garden

29-03-2022 • 7 mins

Hey, Keith Ramsey with the garden supply company. I've got Shannon here. Shannon manages our house plant area of the garden supply company. She does all our buying. She's our go-to person when people have questions about new and unusual plants or plant care. Yeah. Today, we talked about just easy plants to have around a plant that you could buy for your son or your daughter.

Something that's for the, an interior designer. My favorite plant what's my favorite plant.

Mother-in-law's tongue. It never goes away. It's the easiest plant in the world. If you don't, over-water it, I've got about 20 of them, and there are so many different varieties, colors, and [00:01:00] sizes. It's great. It's excellent put it on a, in a pot, on a buffet, or put it on a pot on a shelf.

As long as you don't go over water and I've, overwatered one in the last two or three years and started to lose some, partial part of the plant and had to put a little bit of heavier light on it to get it to come back around. What other bulletproof plants do you like for customers who don't want to mess with plants that much and want to be successful?

Snake plans will let me say this real quick something our customers get a kick out of is on our care tag. It says tolerate almost any abuse, and it couldn't be more accurate. Yeah, absolutely. ZZ plants are another one that is very. Similar in care. Yeah, I think that's why it's easy.

Plants have gotten so popular because it's another plant that you can stick in a pot. And if you miss it for a week, it's probably not going to kill it. If you water it twice in one week, you might. Dragon trees, from the dressiness family or another one, can just be ignored. Yeah, that's a great plan.

So all of these plants are something that you [00:02:00] could pick up, and you can get into the house, plant craze without having finicky plants in your home. Something, they say houseplants they calm your mood. They're great for depression—clean, pure about the air.

There are so many positive points to it. So if you want a plant that you, that's not going to create a lot of extra stress in your life that, don't pick up the hardest plant to maintain. Maybe don't start with a rare and unusual $500 Bonzai and worry about every leaf falling off of it.

Start there another good one. Yeah. Patho is path is the original house plan. You go to the Mexican restaurant, and there's Panthers binding all over the ceiling. There's a. All, doctor's office, and they're so easy to propagate. So it's fun to take a cutting and watch that turn into a whole new plant for sure.

Jade plant is one to me. There's so Jade plant is a pass-along plant. Usually, people that, that are buying water or having. I've, I hear all the time, with all plants but Jay plant in [00:03:00] particular and my grandmother had one for, a hundred years, and she passed it down, or we broke it up and rooted cuttings off of it.

So it's a memory sake plant. But that's one that takes very little water and hardly loses a leaf. It's. And it is telling by the leaves when it needs water, how they wrinkle up a little bit. Yeah, exactly. That baby Jade is the other one. I think it is a bonsai plant, but it's also just an just. It's just as easy as a Jade plant.

But a different look than that red stem and the green leaves and the variegated ones are also gorgeous. Exactly. Is anything else that, that you have on your list.

Succulents for some people, succulent succulents are great if you've got bright light. Absolutely. It's a bright light or lights them up, there's. It has led lights fluorescent lights. It doesn't necessarily have to be an expensive grow light. You can use just a simple two two-bulb shop light and create a situation where, sometimes adding some light to [00:04:00] a room that way, from underneath a table or something, and then having a plant stand there.

And that makes seed hymns and succulents thrive. And that's such a great way to. That artistic value in the plant and water on those is almost non-existent it's it may be once a month scenario depending on the heat and the light. But certainly a tiny bit of work.

I think that's the, just adding the color of a pot and a plant to a room does make a huge difference. Finding those easy plants, the sands of areas, or the snake plants are the ones that we've always had a vast display of because I like them.

And it, and I like them because I might water once a week. I've got a house that's about an hour from here that and I'll leave about 10 of them there, and I water them every month and a half. And very rarely do you lose a leaf. Every once in a while, we'll lose a lethal age out, and you're pulling it out, but then we would water deeply, and it'll make it another month.

Yeah. I have a Hubba, that giant [00:05:00] leaf one. I was in bright lightroom, and it flowered for the first time a couple of months ago, and the flower was vast and stunning, and it lasted a good long time. And that was exciting for me because you don't typically see them flowering. I've got a close friend that built a house near mine and Dennis. He's with clear light electric.

He's a good friend of mine, but he's my electrician. And I gave him a snake. And If Dennis can keep a snake plant a lot, anybody can own a snake plan alive. It may be his wife Stacy may have saved that plan active, but anyway, he's still excited about it. It was a housewarming present, and it was two years ago, and it looks better than when I gave it to him.

So that's how that's the scenario with us and severity or snake plant. Everybody should have one because it's just super easy. The other thing I like about these selections we've talked about is really, they can come in a small four-inch pot, or they can come in a 14-inch pot and you can have it as a floor plant or as a [00:06:00] tabletop.

Yeah. So a sense of various, some of them, some of them, the maximum Heights, like eight or 10 inches. So you can put it in a tiny pot. And then, as you said, have a plan in the corner of and then, if somebody wants something that's five to six feet tall, put it on plant stand, and it still gives you that vertical, height than a corner.

I'm excited about all the new plants we've got coming in. We've talked about easy to care for plants. Everybody should stop by and take a look. It's a kind of calming, enjoyable scenario to walk around. Yeah. I picked up this tagline, it's our customer's happy place, but we hear that.

So it's come in and walk around and enjoy the house plants. Cold, rainy days are warm and sunny in our greenhouse. So kind of fun. All right. Until next time everybody wants your plants, we will talk to you soon.