Spend the Afternoon in and around the Garden Supply Company

In The Garden

20-09-2022 • 4 mins

Hey guys, Keith, with the Garden Supply Company. Today I wanted to talk to people about all the things that you can do that are close to the garden center. Basically coming over and spending half a day spending the afternoon at the garden center. And in that thought centering it around lunch or going out and getting a drink or.

And we've got some really good places around the garden center and, it's, I've been there 25 years, so I frequent all these places pretty often. I thought it

that's true. Every time I go to the pizza place, I run into

Epic. Exactly. And right down from the pizza place is Phil's Cigar shop, Tobacconists of Cary. I thought I would I would feature some of these businesses, and I think that they're a good combination for swinging over to the garden center and meeting a friend hang out at the garden center, go get lunch or go get lunch and then come take a stroll around the garden center.

It's something fun to do a place to. Down, right on the corner of Cary Parkway and Old Apex Road. There are some great businesses. There's a small pharmacy, that's a local business, Bee Well Pharmacy that I frequent pretty often when I need something for, or vaccination or whatever happened to happen to be doing.

It's a great little pharmacy.

Kinda off-topic, but the tobacconists, if you're a cigar smoker he does a great job. He's got a huge selection.

He'll bring in new stuff pretty consistently and fills a wealth of knowledge as far as what he's got in there and grab a cigar and then hit Salvio's Pizza. Salvio is just like two doors down. Yeah. Two doors down Salvio is, it's. It's an old-school pizza place it's been there.

As long as we've been there, I think it's about 25 years old. It's my and my family's favorite pizza place in Cary.

The other place that I had dinner there or picked up dinner there from last night is the Tangerine Cafe. I walked by for 15 years, for some reason or another. And one day, I was like, I'm tired of Salz. I've been there. , I'd been there two or three times in a short period of time.
I'm gonna check this place out. And it's a kind of Asian fusion. Unbelievable food. Great soup, great calamari, all kinds of just great food. I would recommend popping in there. They're just doing takeout right now. Still, it's a great spot to pick something up and bring it over to the garden center.

Find a little table or a bench and have your lunch. On the other end of the world. We've got the Abbey Road Tavern and Grill. They're known for their burgers.

You can sit out there and have a nice lunch, meet somebody over there.

Just a casual environment, And then down the road on Maynard. There's Big Mike's BBQ. And then there's Great Harvest Bread Company. Great harvest bread company is always just a nice fresh sandwich. They've, bread's baked this morning. They do all kinds of typical sandwiches and then And then, and they'll let you sample stuff while you're there.

And then you can take a little bread home with you, but both of those are good, really good stops. Pan a day, pick up some food, bring it to the garden center, and do a tailgate. It's a good spot to eat and check out some of these local businesses.

I think it's really important that people support local businesses.