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"Nudge" Part 1: A Simple Solution For Littering, Organ Donations and Climate Change
"Nudge" Part 1: A Simple Solution For Littering, Organ Donations and Climate Change
In 2008, an economist and a law professor proposed a radical new approach to politics: Telling people not to do bad stuff.Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/IfBooksPodWhere to find us: TwitterPeter's other podcast, 5-4Mike's other podcast, Maintenance PhaseSources:Mike's Maintenance Phase episode on the godfather of the "cafeteria nudge"Nudge: Concept, Effectiveness, and EthicsFrom mechanism to virtue: Evaluating Nudge theoryThe effectiveness of nudging: A meta-analysis of choice architecture interventions across behavioral domainsWhy the Most Important Idea in Behavioral Decision-Making Is a FallacyBehavioral WinterWhy Is Behavioral Economics So Popular?The Origins of Anti-Litter CampaignsDo Normative Appeals Affect Tax Compliance? Evidence from a Controlled Experiment in MinnesotaOpt-out legislations: the mysterious viability of the falseOpt-out policies capacity to increase organ donors is limitedAssessing Global Organ Donation Policies: Opt-In vs Opt-OutWhat Counts as a Nudge?Preventing Secondary Pregnancy In Adolescents: A Model ProgramThe Effect of Monetary Incentives and Peer Support Groups on Repeat Adolescent Pregnancies A Randomized Trial of the Dollar-a-Day ProgramThe i-frame and the s-frame: How focusing on individual-level solutions has led behavioral public policy astrayCan behavioural economics make us healthier?On the Supposed Evidence for Libertarian PaternalismThanks to Mindseye for our theme song!