Inspired by Constance Demby's album Sonic Immersion, my hope for this mix is to help you bring calmness to a disturbed mind, inviting you to interface with the moment in full awareness. Take a deep breath and embark on this journey. See you on the other side.

If you missed last episode, I was happy to share that Calm Pills Radio, a 24/7 online ad-free station, is now available on any Alexa or Google Assistant-enabled device or smart speaker. You can follow the link above or simply say "Alexa, Open Calm Pills Radio" or "Ok Google, Ask Calm Pills Radio to play". It also support routines so you can have shorter command to play it or embed it in your morning or evening routines.

Also, did you know that I have another podcast called Chill Pills. It features the same quality of mixing craftmanship but focuses on more genres of downtempo music spanning chillout, lofi chill hop and lounge.


Paul Winter ― Rain Blessing

Constance Demby ― Chakra #1 (Edit)

Jonn Serrie & Gary Stroutsos ― Earth Sky

Alio Die & Mathias Grassow ― Winds From The Other World

Bliss ― Diamond Rain

Adham Shaikh ― Zero G

Hammock ― Maybe They Will Sing For Us Tomorrow

Steve Roach, Kevin Braheny, Michael Stearns ― From The Heart Of Darkness

Rudy Adrian ― At The Edge Of The Desert

Alio Die & Aglaia ― Cirrus

Rudy Adrian & Ron Boots ― Ancestral Graves

Sola Translatio ― The Gate

The Calm Pill album Chakra Meditation was curated and mixed by Alaeddin and released on Uplifting Pills on August 22, 2021