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Forgotten women writers of the Renaissance

History Extra podcast

23-05-2024 • 42 mins

You've heard of Shakespeare, but have you heard of his contemporary Mary Sidney, the first person to translate the Book of Psalms into English poetry? Or what about Elizabeth Cary, who published the first original play known to be written by a woman in English? In her new book Shakespeare's Sisters: Four Women Who Wrote the Renaissance, Ramie Targoff delves into the lives of four fascinating women writers from the Renaissance period. Speaking to Lauren Good, she explores a poignant question: what would the literary canon look like if these women had been better remembered? (Ad) Ramie Targoff is the author of Shakespeare's Sisters: Four Women Who Wrote the Renaissance (Riverrun, 2024). Buy it now from Amazon: The HistoryExtra podcast is produced by the team behind BBC History Magazine. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit

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