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Lift As You Climb

18-11-2023 • 10 mins

In this thought-provoking episode, host Isabel Alexander dives deep into a question that might seem unconventional but carries immense significance: Would you rather face resistance on the path to becoming who you truly want to be, or live a life weighed down by regrets for not trying?

Isabel reflects on the natural evolution of life and the power of transformation. She shares her personal journey of continuously evolving and growing, emphasizing that life is an ongoing journey, not a final destination.

The episode highlights the importance of embracing change, pursuing your aspirations, and recognizing that growth often comes with resistance and fear. Isabel encourages listeners not to settle for a life of quiet desperation but to explore their true potential.

Join Isabel in this engaging conversation as she challenges the notion of staying in one's comfort zone and invites you to embark on a journey of self-discovery, empowerment, and living life without regrets. #Transformation #EmbraceChange #TheEncoreCatalyst

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About the Host:

Isabel Alexander

Your Next Business Strategist and Transformation Catalyst

Dynamic, a self-made entrepreneur who overcame obstacles with an unrelenting positive nature, a farm girl work ethic, and a conscious choice to thrive rather than survive, Isabel Alexander cultivated an award-winning, $10+ million global chemical business and grew it from dining room table to international boardrooms.

Isabel’s strengths include the ability to initiate and nurture strategic relationships, a love of lifelong learning and talents for helping others maximize their potential. An inspiring speaker within both industry and community, she is a driving force behind those with the courage to follow her example of thriving against the odds.

With 50+ years of business experience across diverse industries, Isabel is respected as an advisor, a coach, a mentor, and a role model. She believes in sharing collective wisdom and empowering others to economic independence.


Lift As You Climb Movement (


Chief Encore Officer, The Encore Catalyst ( – an accelerator for feminine wisdom, influence, and impact.


Author & Speaker ‘Who Am I Now? – Feminine Wisdom Unmasked Uncensored’ (

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