Terry O'Reilly

The Canadian Star System with Steve Patterson

23-12-2021 • 42 mins

Welcome to the special BONUS EPISODE of The Canadian Star System, where our featured guest is none other than author, podcaster, keynote speaker, advertising guru, and *technically,* Steve and Diana’s podcast boss - Terry O’Reilly.

If you’re a fan of Terry’s insanely popular CBC Radio show and podcast, UNDER THE INFLUENCE, then you’re going to love this bonus episode

Diana and Steve dive into Terry’s newest book, MY BEST MISTAKE, and talk about how finding the ‘hidden gift’ in a terrible situation can be the first step towards pulling yourself up out of the mud you may feel stuck in.

In these weirdo times where everything seems bleak and so many people feel broken and defeated, we hope this conversation about how mistakes can be gifts is the early Christmas present you didn't know you needed! Terry also shines the spotlight on HIS favourite podcasts that you’re definitely going to want to subscribe to (along with all the excellent Apostrophe podcasts!)

If you’d like to find out more about Terry’s new book, MY BEST MISTAKE, check out his website www.terryoreilly.ca. And if you’d like to learn more about the other excellent podcasts in the Apostrophe Podcast Network, (such as WE REGRET TO INFORM YOU), be sure to go to www.apostrophepodcasts.ca

You can follow Terry on Twitter @terryoinfluence and on Instagram @terryoinfluence

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