126: Treating Lyme The Unconventional Way with Dr. Susan Cucchiara

The Sacred Medicine Podcast

11-03-2020 • 53 mins

Lyme is a major epidemic that is spreading to areas beyond just the east coast. And if you think that Lyme is treated solely using Doxycycline, you are sadly mistaken. If that were the case, everyone would be cured. In today’s episode, Dr. Susan Cucchiara, a Naturopathic doctor trained as a primary care physician, is an expert in natural and holistic health. We discuss other alternative ways of treatment.

We discuss :

  • Her personal journey with Lyme
  • One thing that needs to be addressed to truly heal
  • Various testing companies and which ones are the best
  • Different ways of treatment
  • And so much more!

Show notes: http://margaretromero.com/episode126