Empowering Women to Create Generational Wealth: A Financial Planner's Journey with Tsungai Masendeke

PROpulsion LIVE

27-02-2023 • 13 mins

In this episode of the Propulsion podcast, host Francois Du Toit speaks with Certified Financial Planner® Professional, Tsungai Masendeke, about her journey to financial planning and her passion for empowering women to create generational wealth.

Tsungai shares how her experience of financial exclusion at university inspired her to learn more about wealth creation and financial planning.

She also discusses her initiative, Moms and Money, which focuses on educating and empowering women to better manage their finances.

The conversation touches on the importance of financial literacy for children and the benefits of goal-based investing. Tsungai also shares her experience as part of the Lean In Circle community, where she has found a sense of belonging and collaboration with other women in the male-dominated financial services industry.

The episode ends with a discussion of the value of vision boards and setting clear goals to achieve success.

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