Crafting a Personal Vision Board for Career and Life Success with Zee Gumede

PROpulsion LIVE

28-02-2023 • 13 mins

In this episode of the Propulsion podcast, host Francois Du Toit speaks with Zee Gumede, a financial adviser specializing in healthcare. Zee discusses her passion for serving others and her desire to continually improve herself and her craft. She shares her experience attending a Lean In Circle vision board session and how it helped her assess where she is and what she needs to do to better herself.

Zee emphasizes the importance of being truthful to oneself and prioritizing what is important to each individual, whether it is work, family, or something else.

Zee also talks about her involvement in Lean In Circle, a community that supports women in financial planning and encourages them to uplift and hold each other up. She praises the uniqueness of the group, with women from various backgrounds and experiences coming together to find common ground and help each other succeed.

The episode concludes with a reminder that creating a vision board is not just a one-time thing but a continuous process of reassessment and improvement.

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