Leaders Are Broken Humans...Just Like The Rest Of Us

Potential Leader Lab

06-03-2023 • 38 mins

Why do we need permission to be open, honest, and transparent?

Brenee Brown says, “Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never a weakness.” In this episode of the Potential Leader Lab, we’re exploring vulnerability (openness, honesty, and transparency) in leadership - my thoughts and the thoughts of others.

Leaders are broken humans, just like everyone else. Pretending that you're not creates isolation, which in turn manifests itself as stress and burnout. Being vulnerable gives us permission to share what makes us who we are. There is real financial, relational, emotional, and psychological value in being vulnerable.

Perry believes the world deserves better leadership; that in every human interaction there is the opportunity to either build others up or tear them down; and that leadership is the choice we make in those moments.

These beliefs led Perry to create the Potential Leader Lab. He wanted to offer those who share his beliefs the space and safety to explore transformative ideas, experiment with new behaviors, and evolve into the leaders they were meant to be and that the world needs.

This is a framework he has used again and again with his Vistage peer advisory groups and companies like Turn-Key Tunneling, Convergint, Haughn &  Associates, I Am Boundless, Ketchum & Walton, LSP Technologies, and Ahlum & Arbor.

Perry lives and works on the shores of Buckeye Lake in Ohio, in the mountains of northwest Georgia, and on the beach in Anna Maria, Florida with his amazingly creative wife Lisa. They have 2 rescue dogs and are intermittently visited by their 3 wonderful children throughout the year. Perry & Lisa are living life in crescendo and focused on exploring, experimenting, and evolving their vision of a life they have no desire to retire from.

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