Welcome to Podcast Production and Promotion

Podcast Creation and Marketing with Podmotion

25-07-2020 • 3 mins

Links: https://podmotion.co/

Hi, and welcome to the very first episode of the Podmotion podcast.

My name is Liam Morrison and I'm the Audio-Visual Production Editor at Podmotion.co.

We're a new podcast production and promotion agency, based primarily in Toronto, Canada. We have a distributed team, with members in the UK, Australia, and the US.

We work with businesses, in-house teams, non-profits, independent podcasters - any kind of podcaster, in fact. And our goal is to make podcast production and promotion as painless and efficient as possible.

What can we do for you? Well, the first step is listening - to what you want, your questions, or your pain points.

Next, we provide you with solutions.

For example, if you're looking to start a podcast and don't know where to begin, we'll give you the best options for your needs and set-up.

If you already have a show and want to grow your audience, our digital marketer Lachlan Kirkwood can devise a plan for targeted growth

Content creation from your episodes is key to maximizing your show's exposure. Sheelagh Caygill is our content team. She is joined by Tyler McCune, an outstanding content strategist, copywriter, and marketer.

On the web front, our skilled developer, Kevin McCall, creates beautiful websites for your episodes. Or he'll replace your old site with something that really showcases your work and encourages listeners to discover more.

Editing and post-production work are done by me and my colleague Herne Ford-Elliott. Herne also composes intros and outros for podcasts.

I also do video work for presentations and social media, as well as voice overs for podcast intros, or fictional narratives.

Now, if you're already podcasting, you'll understand the immense value of a podcast as a communications channel. A show done well is one of the best ways to win over potential clients or customers.

As an internal communications channel, a podcast show will increase employee engagement and receptivity to key messages.

There's a growing catalogue of resources at podmotion dot co. If you have general questions about podcasting, we have a space on Quora, called Podcasting Growth. Post your question there and we'll get back to you. I'll drop the links in the show notes.

Future episodes of this show will feature members of the team talking about their work, with expert tips to help you move forward. And after that, we'll cover as much about podcasting as we can. Episodes suggestions are always welcome!

So if you're ready to start your podcasting journey, or are looking for a new production and promotional team, head over to podmotion dot co. That's podmotion dot co - and set up your free consultation. Our team has been involved in podcasting for more than 12 years. And collectively we have decades of experience in our specialist areas. Contact us today, and let's move your podcast forward!