How Podcasters and Narrators can Improve Their Vocal Presentation

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28-10-2020 • 19 mins

Warm-up your vocals before podcasting!

If you're a podcast host or do a lot of vocal work, it's always a good idea to warm-up your vocal cords, tongue, and muscles around the mouth.

In fact, professional announcers and narrators always warm-up before speaking to ensure their voice is ready and relaxed before recording.

In this week's Podcast episode, we get some expert tips on vocal warm-up exercises from Podmotion team member Liam Morrison.

Liam is not only an audio and video editor, he's a professional narrator, voice over pro, singer, and actor.

Key tips from Liam include:

  1. The goo goo ga ga scale exercise
  2. Jaw stretching
  3. Cheek massaging
  4. Body stretching and moving to lift energy
  5. Posture check

All these exercises are designed to ensure your voice is ready and has the right energy level to speak or record. And Liam explores the techniques fully in this episode.

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