How to start and grow a successful podcast show

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14-11-2021 • 47 mins thanks Rob Finlay, host of the CRE Capital Markets Report roundtable podcast, for sponsoring this episode! Find Rob's show here!

Nick DiBartolomeo and Bruno Pierce are started a new podcast this early this year - then thousands of others started podcasts too!

By being focused on community building, experimentation, and mastering social media, Nick and Bruno have achieved a level of success that eludes many new podcasters.

Their show is called Quit The Build, and it's the voice of their gaming community - Quit The Build.

Even if you're not a gamer, we recommend you listen to this episode. Nick is our guest and he gives a masterclass in how to start and grow a podcast. He gives an amazing amount of information and actionable tips on how to start a show and see it grow.

During this conversation Nick and Sheelagh discuss sponsorship techniques and mention a website called Podthreads - this website no longer exists, just in case you decide to Google it!

In this episode Nick shares his number one lesson for new podcasters. Nick and host Sheelagh Caygill explore:

  • Take lots of time to plan out your show and it's format - Nick and Bruno spent a month planning before launch
  • Don't launch a show with the sole intention of making money
  • Have a goal for your show - for Nick and Bruno, it's shoot for the stars!
  • Be as professional as your budget will allow with your show's branding
  • How to plan out an episode
  • Why being friends with your host means you'll have great synergy behind the mic
  • How understanding the importance of content creation will help you grow your show
  • Why Twitter is essential for podcast growth and engagement
  • How to successfully use one clip and share it across platforms as an audiogram
  • Learning from other podcasters and watching their tactics; try them out and see if they work for your show
  • Being patient with your progress - it takes time to find a rhythm with a show
  • Monetization through sponsorship, Patreon, and advertising.

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Thanks for listening and stay safe.