Auntie Up!

Makwa Creative

Auntie Up! is a celebration of Indigenous women talking about the important s***. Aunties can be counted on to speak their truth without the sugar-coating. They will tell you straight up what you need to know and they aren’t afraid to mince words. It is an unfiltered conversation into the Indigenous world view -- or at least the Auntie world view.

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Introducing Auntie Up!
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Ep 10: From Bannock to Boujee Ep 9: Critics say the Inquiry into MMIWG Got it Wrong, Did We?Ep 8: Climate Crisis in Indigenous CommunitiesEp 7: Lateral Violence vs. Lateral KindnessEp 6: Beading a Political StatementEp 5: Writing our WrongsEp 4: Reclaiming our LanguagesEp 3: Cultivating Changes to the Business LandscapeEp 2: Land Defenders and Water ProtectorsEp 1: Meeting the Aunties!Introducing Auntie Up!