Where You Go Is Not Who You’ll Be With Corinne Smith (Ep. 4)

Dollars and Sense: Creating Your Fulfilled Life

28-09-2022 • 41 mins

From selecting which school to finding what extracurriculars are available, applying to college involves many important considerations. Have you checked them all off your list?

In this episode, Nicole talks with Corinne Smith, co-author of College Essay Journal: A Mindful Manual for College Applications, about college admissions. Corinne dives into why finding the right environment for a student is so important and why talking about finances with students helps them appreciate education as an investment. She then goes over the different financial-aid options available at colleges, and how she counsels students to thrive in high-pressure environments.

Corinne discusses:

  • Finding the environment that will be the right fit for the student
  • The importance of talking about finances with students and helping them understand that education is an investment
  • The differences between merit-based aids, need-based aids, and scholarships
  • How students can not only survive, but thrive in a high-pressure environment
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Corinne has a Bachelor’s Degree in Political Science and Sociology as well as a Masters in Higher Education Administration and Policy from Northwestern University. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Diversity and Equity in Education through the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. Corinne works as an undergraduate admissions officer at Yale University. During her time in the Yale and Northwestern admissions offices, she has read thousands of applications and served as a voting member on both domestic and international admissions committees.

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