The Importance of Putting Together Your Financial Team With Ryan Guedel (Ep. 6)

Dollars and Sense: Creating Your Fulfilled Life

26-10-2022 • 33 mins

Did you know that having an accountant, financial planner, and advisor working together can help take some of the stress off managing your finances while still keeping your best interests in mind?

In this episode, Nicole speaks with Ryan Guedel, CPA and partner at account and consulting firm CJBS, about how to put together a financial team to ensure everyone is working in your best interest. Ryan shares a bit about himself and his experience working in a financial team, how he knows when someone can benefit from a financial team over just one specialist, and some tips around avoiding the emotional impact of financial decision-making.

Ryan discusses:

  • His specialization in professional athlete and entertainer taxation
  • Why a someone could benefit from having a financial team instead of just an advisor, planner, or accountant
  • How he guides clients to listen to the professionals around them versus the noise from the news and social media
  • And more


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About our Guest:

Ryan has been a dedicated member of the CJBS team for over a decade. Joining the firm as a staff accountant in 2009, he worked his way up through the ranks to be admitted as a partner. Ryan focuses on coordinating due diligence engagements, carrying out audits and reviews, taxation, and working with the firm’s marketing department. He serves clients primarily in the real estate, manufacturing, construction, distribution, and professional service industries. Ryan also specializes in professional athlete and entertainer taxation.

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