What You Should and Shouldn’t Do In Today’s Market With Randy Porzel (Ep. 5)

Dollars and Sense: Creating Your Fulfilled Life

12-10-2022 • 32 mins

With the current market cycle, we aren’t surprised a lot of people are feeling anxious about their financial plans and investments. Many people don’t know what to do or expect.

In this episode, Nicole brings on a colleague from Private Vista, Randy Porzel, CFP, RICP, to discuss investment strategy, and what to do and not to do in today’s market. Randy shares insights from his experience in the financial services industry about managing emotions, easing anxiety, and what to avoid in the current market cycle.

Randy discusses:

  • His experience in the financial services industry and what he likes to do outside of helping his clients at Private Vista
  • What he does to ease his clients’ anxieties around the current market
  • How to manage emotions around money by preparing for the worst and hoping for the best outcomes.
  • Why making big decisions should be avoided during the market cycles we’re currently in.
  • And more

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About our Guest:

Randy Porzel’s financial services career began in 2006 as an intern and has worked his way up through every job at Private Vista. Randy has spent hours in meetings with clients, asking questions, and observing. He learned to recognize expectations, a client’s need for clarity, and how without it, there might exist an anxious future. It’s why Randy enjoys taking his clients through Private Vista’s planning process, using Private Vista’s tools that answer their questions and clear any uncertainty so that his clients can look forward to their idea of an enriched life.