What You Can Expect From The Private Vista Experience (Ep. 2)

Dollars and Sense: Creating Your Fulfilled Life

14-09-2022 • 24 mins

Whether you found us by our website, our podcast or a referral, you might wonder what to expect if you choose to work with us, at Private Vista.

In this episode, Nicole Romito gives a debrief of what the Private Vista experience is like. She goes over what it’s like to call the office and what to expect afterward, what type of information should be prepared for the first meeting and some resources for collecting them.

Nicole discusses:

  • Why someone would contact Private Vista and what happens in that introductory call
  • What to expect after connecting with someone within the organization
  • What type of information a potential client needs to be prepared with
  • Tips and resources Private Vista has to help track down the information a potential client needs
  • And more


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