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10 Questions with Peter Nester

The Tom Petty Project

28-02-2024 • 46 mins

Today's episode is my ten questions with the brilliant Peter Nester. I usually put these out as bonus episodes in the same week as my chat with that guest, but Pete's answers to these questions were so thorough, considered, and beautifully expounded, that I felt this needed to be a regular release. I guarantee you'll hear which artist he wants to cover which Tom Petty song and go "Oh, damn, yeh I need to hear that!" and our discussion about which is his favourite album was a particular highlight of our conversation for me.

I know for sure that I'll be dragging Pete back onto the podcast at some future point and I know which season I'm shooting for, even though he doesn't!

You can find Pete's fabulous podcast, Honest and Unmerciful: A Record Review Podcast here:

And check out a solo acoustic version of Big Love, by Lindsey Buckingham, similar to the one that we were discussing here:

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A last very special thanks to Paul Zollo and Warren Zanes without whose books, Conversations with Tom Petty and Petty: The Biography, this podcast wouldn't be nearly as much fun to research.

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