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The Petty 8ight with Sean and Todd McGinity

The Tom Petty Project

27-03-2024 • 1 hr 46 mins

Today’s episode is the third installment in my Petty 8ight series, where I bring in musicians who aren’t Pettyheads, give them eight deeper cuts that they likely haven’t heard before, and get their thoughts on them. In this episode, my willing newbies are Sean and Todd McGinity. The brothers are based in Winnipeg and have a long history of writing, recording and playing shows both together in bands as well as in other projects. They’re also both seasoned podcasters, with their show The SeanGeek and FastFret podcast rapidly approaching 500 episodes and I’d urge you to check that out. Look further down in these notes for links to their bandcamp pages for the band Dome and their duo project Bros Before Gin.

LANGUAGE WARNING: As a heads up, this episode is a little sweary. It was later in the evening when we talked and it was more like three guys hanging out and shooting the shit rather than a more formal interview. As I knew they would, they brought some different perspectives to songs I know like the back of my hand, including an observation about Fault Lines that I’d simply never noticed before!

Visit Sean's website for links to all things McGinity and SeanGeek and FastFret!

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