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All The Wrong Reasons

The Tom Petty Project

13-12-2023 • 25 mins

There are, again, some very big ideas packed into this very simple almost-four-minute pop song and as always, Tom isn’t preaching or judging, just observing. As my wonderful guest Matt Jaffe said during our Ten Questions episode, Tom is never didactic. He’s not saying that celebrity is bad, he’s not judging the family’s luck or the girl’s choices, and importantly he’s not prescribing an antidote, he’s just making the observation and letting it stand alone. It’s up to us to decide what we think about the ideas he’s presenting and at the end of the day, despite the downbeat nature of the lyrics, we can all enjoy singing along with that utterly glorious chorus line.

Today’s episode covers the opening song on side two of "Into The Great Wide Open", "All The Wrong Reasons'".

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