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Peter Nester

The Tom Petty Project

21-02-2024 • 1 hr 31 mins

I have two words for you: Yogi Berra. But what does the Yankees catcher have to do with my conversation with Pete Nester? Tune in to find out!

Today's episode is a sprawling, hugely enjoyable conversation I had with a fellow music podcaster who I've been listening to for a couple and a half years now. Pete was very supportive of this show right from the getgo and offered me some valuable advice when I was starting up around issues of music usage/rights etc. He's also just a damn fine human being and a great music critic. We talked about a whole host of topics, from the impact of grunge to whether podcasting changes the way you listen to music, to seeing Tom on the Into The Great Wide Open tour. This week it's a long one but I'm positive that you'll enjoy listening to it as much as I had being on one side of this wonderful conversation.

You can find Pete's fabulous podcast, Honest and Unmerciful: A Record Review Podcast here:

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The Tom Petty Project is not affiliated with the Tom Petty estate in any way and when you’re looking for Tom’s music, please visit the official YouTube channel first and go to for official merchandise.

A last very special thanks to Paul Zollo. Without his book, Conversations with Tom Petty, this podcast wouldn't be nearly as much fun to research.

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