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Renee Reina & Podcast Nation

Your new mom friend, Renee Reina, says what every mom is thinking but doesn't want to say out loud. From the good, to the bad, to the outright ugly, Renee finds the humour and relatability in everything about being a mom. If you’ve read the mom books (or haven’t read any), have been to the parenting classes (or roll your eyes at them), but you’re still secretly wondering, "can I fix my baby’s unibrow?” – Renee’s got your back. You can expect topics such as refusing visitors after giving birth, momposter syndrome, mom guilt, and honest conversations about marriage after babies. She also covers more in-depth parenting topics with experts in areas such as speech-language pathology, pelvic floor physiotherapy, and mental health. In her solo episodes, Renee shares her personal experiences and reflects on everything about motherhood, marriage, and more! She isn't a parenting expert — she's just a girl with a PhD in psychology who had a baby and decided it was time to stir sh*t up in the mom community.