#015 Venatrix - A Marketplace for Art Lovers, Daniel C. - Founder

The Kin Show with Tony Jacob

18-11-2022 • 53 mins

Daniel Charpentier is the founder of Kreechures, creator and lead developer of Venatrix. Prior to entering the world of web3 full-time, Daniel was a Technical Program Manager, with a focus on software development & IT infrastructure for over a decade. Further back Daniel served in the US Army. He is based out of Cary, North Carolina, with his wife and children.

In this conversation, Daniel and I talk about the evolution of NFTs on Solana over the past 2 years, the culture of NFT flipping and his new NFT Marketplace called Venatrix that’s set to solve a unique set of problems for customers. We talk about his decision to pivot away from the Kreechures game, the controversial topic of NFT royalties and also get his thoughts on using AI to create art.

Relevant Links:

  • https://www.venatrix.xyz/
  • https://www.kreechures.com/
  • https://twitter.com/kreechures


  • The Kin Show Store - https://store.thekinshow.com/

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