#016 Eviota - A Language Tutoring Platform, Blair J. - Founder

The Kin Show with Tony Jacob

05-12-2022 • 25 mins

Blair is the founder of Eviota, the online language tutoring platform that uses Kin. He is also a Senior Software Engineer for a medical devices startup. Blair is an early bitcoiner who discovered Kin through trading.

In this conversation, Blair talks about his background as a software developer, his inspiration behind creating Eviota and the need he saw for a face to face language learning platform. We talk about how Eviota works for both students and teachers, and how he sources and verifies teacher qualification. He shares his history with cryptocurrencies, his decision to integrate crypto into Eviota and how he plans to monetize Eviota. He then shares his plans for the future of Eviota.

Relevant Links:

  • https://eviota.io
  • https://discord.gg/vjTU6H9nzW
  • https://twitter.com/eviota_io


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