Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E. (Honey Girl)

Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show

07-09-2021 • 1 hr

Magical flutes and guitars! Funky Horns! Vibing Keys! Strong Basslines and thunderous drums! This show is RICH like a decadent dessert!

Set 1:
Isaac Edwards-On The Town
Ryan Montano-Honey Girl
LeBron Dennis-The Late Hour
James Malone-Mystery
Judah Sealy-Stylish

Set 2:
Joel McCray-Klassy
Jeffery Smith-When He Speaks
Kirk Bailey-Saxy Smooth
Jermaine Morgan-No Words
Joyce Spencer-Cherish

Set 3:
Michael Manson-Groovin' Tonight
Greg Satterwaite-All In
Kim Scott ft. Althea Rene & Ragan Whiteside