Smooth Jazz Weekend with Tina E . (Daydreams)

Smooth Jazz Weekend Radio Show

19-10-2021 • 1 hr

This show runs the gamut of what modern jazz fans have come to expect: up-tempo, down-tempo, Funk, ballads, Latin-infused and party jams! It will touch, heal, energize, and help you relax and release. Enjoy!

Set 1:
Dee Brown ft. Chris Hoyte-A New Beginning
Christian De Mesones ft. Bob James-Hispanica
Paul Taylor-Straight To The Point
Pieces of A Dream-Fired Up
Yancy-Up And Away

Set 2:
Phil Brooks-Melodie In The Rain
Randy Scott ft. Cindy Bradley-Daydreams
Audley Reid-So They Say
Gary Fuston-Take Off
Gary Meek-Midnight Sky

Set 3:
Jody Mayfield ft. Walter Beasley-Strawberry Sunday
Tony Exum Jr. ft.Desmond Washington-Get At You
Aaron Brown & Moments Notice-66 Beech
Isaac Norris-No Shade